What My Clients Are Saying

Mr. Raul Guevara,  My wife and I want to thank you for the excellent service that you provided as our realtor while selling our homeWith your expertise in the real estate market, we were able to close a deal in a mere nine days after our house was listed.  The "Talking House" was talking the same day we agreed to have you as our Real Estate Agent. Description of the house was in the Web soon after.   Had an offer on the table 3 days later after the Realtors walk through our house and a signed contract 7 days later. The contract was signed before the house was advertised in the print media  All along you kept us well informed and abreast of the process.  This accomplishment exceeded our expectations, and eased our mind throughout a process that could have been very stressful.  
Thank you for your openness and accessibility.  You thoroughly addressed all of our concerns from beginning to end and made the entire experience an enjoyable one.  
You will be the first person we contact for all of our future real estate needs.  Once again, we appreciate all you did for us.  Sincerely,  Albert & Cecelia Guardado

I was very pleased with the professional service that was provided to me by Mr. Guevara. He was very knowledgable and responsive to my questions/requests and went above and beyond with all aspects of his services. I will surley reccomend any and all of my friends and family to utilize Mr. Guevara's services with any future real estate needs. It was very refreshing to have an agent as committed to my dream as I was. A+ in my book. Burton Warrington  

Dear Raul,Thank you for all that you have done for us as we worked through a somewhat difficult time nailing down our next home.  You have been a pleasure to work with.  I am so glad that we had you.  You have made this time fun for all of us.  I'll never forget that first phone call we had and you said that you wanted to be my bird dog.  I thought, "this guys a little different, could be fun."  In truth though, you have been much more than just fun.  You have been willing to work with us on our schedule, which I believe has meant that frequently yours changed to accommodate us.  You have allowed for spontaneity with the occasional drive by and you never resisted showing us anything that I'm sure you knew we wouldn't buy.  I have been impressed with your professionalism,  your knowledge of the business and your obvious love of Topeka.  I will continue to turn to you in the future for any real estate needs and recommend you with highest regards.  I am so pleased that after 9 months of patience and perseverance you are finally going to get paid.  Enjoy!  I hope that someday we can kick the tires together again. Thank you!  Mary and Matt Brandt

Raul is a great person and genuinely has your best interests at heart.  While my husband and I were looking for houses, he greatly cared what our opinions of each house were, and we just loved his rating system.  This ensured that we were never looking at the same type of things that we had disliked, but only things that fit our criteria, which changed every time we looked at a house!  My husband and I were also amazed at the service we received by Raul: he was responsive & up at all hours of the night making sure the process was moving along smoothly for our purchase.  Raul is a friendly guy that catered to our every need.  He truly listened to what we needed and worked hard to make those needs happen.  He pulled off what we thought was the impossible: we found a house and closed within three weeks!  We are truly blessed to have met Raul and worked with him in this entire process and I feel that we have met a new friend in him as well.  Thank you Raul, we greatly appreciate you!  I truly mean that we appreciate you very much.  Without your diligence, we could not have accomplished the impossible.  Thank you again for all of your very hard work.  Sara and Nick Marsh 

Raul has been the most honest and trustworthy realtor we have had the pleasure of creating our dream with.  When we first started looking for agents we found very pushy realtors who were not willing to give us the information we needed to make an educated decision.  We made one phone call to Raul and the world of real estate became easier to understand and every promise was true to his word.  Raul was very patient, explained every question in detail and spent extra hours accommodating our difficult schedules.  We really appreciated the comforting care Raul took to help us with our dream coming true; to own our first home.  Cris & Andrea Ard

Yo quisiera agradecer de todo corazón al Señor Raúl Rubio Guevara por toda su participación, ayuda y apoyo que él me brindó al querer comprar una casa. Si en realidad necesitas ayuda y orientación sobre cómo comprar una casa, no lo piensen dos veces, el señor Raúl te va a tender la mano como si fueras un familiar de él o un gran amigo. Ustedes dirán, “ese es su trabajo “, si. Yo y cada uno de nosotros los compradores entendemos eso perfectamente, pero no es por exagerar; el va a hacer todo lo posible para que des tu mejor oferta, exijas un precio adecuado a las condiciones del hogar y va a hacer que ahorres lo mas que puedas. El te orienta, te abre los ojos hacia muchas cosas que los compradores no sabemos y que tenemos que saber en este proceso. Él te va a guiar a las mejores opciones para que todo lo que necesites al comprar una casa sea el mejor precio. Gracias señor Raúl. En pocas palabras él es el mejor corredor de bienes raíces, un hombre de buen corazón.   Carlos F. Ramírez

Congratulations!  You must be very proud of your son making the the 1st Team All City Baseball Team as a Pitcher! Thanks for all you've done Raul.  Our experience with you as our agent has been great.  You made looking for a house fun and taught us what to look for.  Your sincerity is very assuring when making such a huge decision.  Thanks for your hard work and treating your vocation as a calling to help others find the home that fits perfectly.  You can quote this!   
Grace, Mitch & Jan Todd 


Raul, Kentucky thinks YOU are the BEST!  With my ailing mother moving to Kentucky to be with me, I was at a loss on what to do with her house.  Dead beat renters and ultimate squatters forced me to find a Realtor.  Fate brought me Raul.  You have truly been a Godsend to my mother and I.  Raul did more than just sell my mother’s house, he guided me with how to get things done 600 miles away, lined up people to help me get the house ready for the market including his dear wife and son, had the house maintained until it sold, and handled the sale without me having to travel back with my mom.  Although we’ve never met you Raul, we are blessed to have had you as our Realtor and you have made friends in Kentucky.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!  Sincerely – Carmen Rose for Mary Gilbert, Louisville Kentucky


I have purchased several homes in and around the Topeka area and RAUL is by far, the best realtor in this area. He is respectful, honest and helpful. I sold and purchased my new home in approximately 60 days, and Raul was there to assist anytime I called. I am sure this would not have happened so fast without the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable realtor. Thanks so much for your hard work!  I highly recommend RAUL as THE REALTOR! Thanks again, Tiffany Smith :)

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, RAUL!!  I was very comfortable with Raul from the very beginning.  He is a very positive, fun and honest man with a great sense of humor.  He worked hard around our busy schedule to show us the houses we wanted to see.  Every house he showed us he pointed out the negative aspects as well as the positive, this showed me that he wasn’t trying to just sell us a house he was helping to make our dream come true by helping us to find a home.  When it came to the offer and the closing I had no idea what to ask for or what all needed to be done.  Raul made sure I received all of the necessary inspections and improvements.  Raul looked out for my family, he was always available when I needed him, and he returned all my calls promptly with the answer to any question that I had.  I plan on using Raul again in my future real estate transactions.  I HIGHLY recommend Raul to any one who is trying to buy a house.  You are a Godsend Raul, God Bless you and your family.  
Tracy & Valetta Striblin

Raul is one of the hardest working Realtors and I would definitely use him again.  Neal R. McKinzie

I was very fortunate to have Raul as my real estate agent.  He is very knowledgeable and obviously enjoys his work.  Raul is also a very interesting and fun person to work with.  I just purchased my first home.  I am extremely happy with my new home and have no regrets.  I was nervous at first as I had no idea how the process worked, but Raul helped put me at ease.  Although he is extremely busy, he was available to meet with me and to look at homes at a moment’s notice.  I found the actual purchase to be a little stressful, but Raul was very reassuring during the whole process.  I appreciated how he explained everything to me and kept me aware of what was happening.  He made sure all the paperwork was taken care of and that I had copies of everything.  He also has many great contacts in the business, which came in useful many times.  I will definitely recommend Raul to anyone looking to purchase a home, and hope to work with him again someday!   Thanks again!  Lesley Brown

JUST A THANK YOU!  My wife and I bought one of your listings and felt the whole process was so easy we needed to say Thank You! When a person works a lot of hours you just don't have a lot of time to run around and look at properties. With the price of gas so high, I thought the internet would be the way to go . My first step was the internet. I sent out several emails late one Sunday night and the only person to return my email was Raul Guevara. We communicated what we wanted. Then Raul went to work, made our search easier and started emailing me listings that met our home buying criteria. We drove and looked at the ones that caught our eye until we found the one we bought.  Everything Raul said he would do he did. We told Raul we didn't know very much about buying. Raul explained and walked us through every step of the complicated home buying process. I don't think we could have done it so fast without an experienced and knowledgeable Realtor. It sure is nice to deal with a person that is honest  and so willing to help . Thank you! Raul is really a great asset to your company, Coldwell Banker.  Sincerely, Edward DaPrato

I am extremely pleased with how my Realtor worked towards my goals & around my busy schedule.  I got the house I wanted.  As a 1st time homebuyer, I was apprehensive about making the big commitment to purchase my own home.  Raul Guevara demonstrated his knowledge & patience of buying a home by taking the time to educate, inform & walk me through the complexities of obtaining a great rate on my mortgage, making an offer, negotiation options, obtaining essential inspections, title & possession step by step ensuring I understood the consequences of my choices.  I got a new sewer, substantial seller credits for improvements to bring the house up to code as well as seller contributions toward by my prepaid & closing costs.  Thank  you Raul.  Josh Wolf

Awesome!  If it were not for your hard work and dedication, we would not be in our home within a month in a fantastic neighborhood.  Your persistence and know how made it all possible.  We are recommending you to our friends and family.  Sincerely, Keith & Brenda Groves  

Thank you for the persistance and assistance you gave me during the purchase of my first house. It is a very difficult and frustrating process in these economical times. I don't think my first home would have been as pleasurable of a process if you weren't in my corner the whole time. I would also like to thank you for the resources you made available to me assisting me with settling into my new home. It seems you always have a resource that helps me save money even a month after the sale is final.  Thank you for your time and trouble. If I buy another house I will be calling on your services once again.  Jake

Raul has a done an excellent job in providing me with the resources and his knowledge in the search for investment properties.  He is always very prompt to contact me when the new bargains hit the street.  The first house he found for me appraised $39,000 over my purchase price after some sweat equity and updating.  The second house, we are closing on at the end of this month, I bought before it was even listed for $20,000 below the county appraisal.  If your looking for an individual who works for you at your convenience and goes the extra mile, Raul is the one.  YOU do one hell of a job and I appreciate it.  Thanks for everything Raul!  Cory Mitchell

Raul is the best Realtor you could have!  He did everything for us.  Raul showed us house after house until we found ours.  We didn't think we could buy a brand new house, but Raul showed us we could.  Now we live in a brand new $153,000 home. Thank you so much!  Sincerely,  Jeremy & Jennifer Bauman

Raul did a wonderful job of explaining every miniscule detail to ensure that we understood everything about buying our first home. He made it a fun, learning experience. Raul knew exactly how to get what we needed in our contract to save us money and made it happen! We couldn't have done it without him! He is a great agent!  Thanks for everything,  Ryan and Darcy  Ost

Raul Guevara did an outstanding job of selling our home promptly with his aggressive marketing plan, 1-800 Real Estate Information Hotline & Talking House.  We were very comfortable with Raul because he did everything he said he would do.  We are happy with the price we received.  Raul is easy to work with, efficient & he took care of everything for us making the home selling process stress free.  We were unable to sell our home with another prominent agent who appeared to be unavailable.  We are 110% satisfied with Raul, will use him as our agent in our next transaction & recommend him to our friends & family without reservation.   Thank you Raul,  Donald & Jennifer Rilinger

I thought all the good Realors were dead!  We’ve been through so many (eight) that it’s just not funny.  Nobody wanted to work with us or our schedules and they only wanted to work with people who were rich.  We met Raul Guevara May 26 and closed on our 1st home June 8.  That was incredible in light of not even getting answers from other realtors that quick.  We will definitely go through Raul when we buy another house and we will recommend Raul to anybody.  Thank you! Edward Pratt & Michelle Wolfenbarger

Raul was great in saving me money & getting me more house than I thought I could afford.  Raul was good with staying on top of what was needed and keeping me informed.  I would recommend his exceptional services.   Anita Sudduth

I found Raul Guevara to be focused, positive, and informative throughout the entire real estate selling process --- valuation, listing, showing, and closing.  He is driven to make the selling process work for all parties involved, but never forgetting to represent me as the seller.  Raul may be a little too aggressive and pointed for some people's tastes, but he was exactly what I wanted once my decision to sell my home was made.  He represented me well and I recommend Raul to anyone really interested in selling their home. 
Darrell L. Revell, Manager Sales Audit

Karen and I want to thank you for all your help during the purchase of our first home.  The level of commitment you gave us was well beyond our expectations of a real estate agent.  We appreciated your help, suggestions, and your willingness to work with our hectic and busy lives; in fact we often wondered if you even slept.  Once again thank you and you are always welcomed in our home.  Kyle & Karen Knappenberger

Our first experience in buying a home was absolutely amazing!  I have heard horror stories on how things can go.  Fortunately for us, that was not the case.  Raúl was very professional and understanding in our wants and needs.  He exceeded all of our expectations.  I would highly recommend Raúl to anyone in search of a new house.  He will always be our first choice. Sincerely, Jesse & Shonna Martinez

In the last two years we have had two houses to sell.  We had them listed with four different Realtors and five different agents.  Each house was on the market for about a year.  Raul Rubio Guevara had the last house listed for less than two months.  Raul put more time and effort into that two months than all the other agents did in the almost two years they had the listings.  The time Raul spent on a difficult closing was outstanding.  Raul's marketing skills were amazing!  We would highly recommend Raul Rubio Guevara to anyone wanting to sell their home.  Sincerely,  Tom & June Jones

Raul Guevara defines professionalism. He is not only a relator, he is a friend. Raul is a family oriented man who knows what it takes to get the job done. I would tell anyone who is interested in getting their home sold or trying to find a new one, to give Raul a call. If you want the job done and done right, let Raul Guevara T.K.O. your real estate needs!  Thanks for all the help Raul,  Beau Caryl

Raul is an excellent, well informed, & articulate real estate agent that located a nice home for me in a great neighborhood, simplified the home buying process, & saved me money by helping me obtain a lower interest rate on my mortgage.  Living out of town, I was impressed with his sophisticated use of the internet & email.  Raul informed me of extensive property listings, eliminated phone tag, & streamlined the entire transaction, from showing to closing.  Consequently, I have recommended Raul to my family & friends.  He is so impressive that Raul sold my nephew’s investment property before I even moved into my new home.  Thanks again for all you have done for me & for your caring support in helping me relocate to the Capital City.   Sincerely, Carolyn D. Smith

Raul, Trisha and I really appreciate all the help you gave us on buying our first home.  We appreciated the way you worked for us and stayed on top of issues that came up along the way.  If we were to buy a house again we would definitely want you on our side helping us.  Thank you again for your help.  Mike Buchli

Raul Rubio Guevara of Land Kansas Real Estate worked extremely hard at helping us purchase our first home.  We are only 19 years old & parents of one child.  Within four days of seeing this house Raul had us ready to close.  Raul is hard working, honest & truly cares about his clients.  We could not have asked for a better Realtor.   Thank you!   Justin & Jessica Cyr

The home buying experience was made easy and comfortable by having Raul Guevara as my realtor.  Not only did Raul help me find the perfect home, he also helped me save money by obtaining the proper financing for my new home. His experience provided me many benefits (recommending a home inspection & warranty to replace the furnace & sewer, removing dead trees, etc.) to the home buying process.  I would recommend him to all my family and friends.  I was so pleased with Raul in the purchase of my 1st home that I expect Raul to be my realtor for life.  Thank you,  Robert Blevins

We want to thank you for all your professional assistance you provided in the purchase of our new home.  We know it is not always an easy transition when looking for & finding the home of your dreams.  We are extremely pleased with what you have done for us.  We wish you the best in your real estate endeavors.  Sincerely,  Ben & Maurine McRoberts

We would like to thank Raul for his hard work in finding the home we were looking for.  He made it easy by taking care of all the details.  Raul arranged for the roof to be replaced, appliances to stay, a sewer clean out to be installed & for the seller to contribute 3% toward our closing costs.  Sincerely, Gary & Debbie Wilson

Raul Guevara came highly recommended.  My brother & his fiancé had a wonderful home buying experience with Raul & he helped them get more house than they expected at a lower interest rate than he was able to obtain on his own at his bank.  I had run into other Realtors who just did not seem to care so Raul took me from being scared to having a learning, enjoyable & achievable experience Raul looked out for me, was always available, returned my calls promptly, is well informed, explained my options & provided me with the information to make intelligent choices.  I am still calling Raul with questions & concerns.  I am very satisfied & happy with the home Raul helped me acquire.  I will use Raul again in my future real estate transactions & will continue to refer my friends & family to him. Sincerely, Tracy Paige

Hemos tenido una experiencia dificil con la compra de nuestra casa, primero por no contar con la experiencia necesaria y por no tener todos los requisitos alistados como deberia de ser.  Pero las cosas nos fueron muy bien, gracias a nuestro Agente de Bienes y Raices, Raul Guevara, quien estuvo con nosotros invirtiendo muchisimas horas, llevandonos de una casa a la otra hasta que encontramos la que nos gusto. Durante este tiempo, lo hemos conocido como persona y como profesional y estamos seguros de la calidad de su servicio, por eso con toda confianza lo recomendamos a cualquier persona que anda en la busqueda de la casa de sus sueños.  Hemos sido tratados con respecto y sabemos que podemos confiar en el.  Estamos 100 % satisfechos. Si tu lo eliges a el para ayudarte a conseguir la casa de tus sueños, no quedaras desilucionado. Por cierto, para la compra de nuestra proxima casa, volveremos junto a Raul.  Raúl, muchisimas gracias!! Gerardo & Christina Cadogan

Estamos muy agradecidos por que Raúl Rubio Guevara nos ayudó mucho; representando nuestros intereses como si fueran los de él. Siempre estuvo ahí encontrando las formas de buscar los beneficios para nuestra casa y para nuestra familia. Esperamos que las personas que desean conseguir su casa piensen en un buen representante de compradores como Raúl Rubio Guevara. Nos recomendó una inspección de la casa que hizo el dueño hiciera muchos arreglos que no iba hacer. También negoció que el dueño contribuyera 3% de el costo de la casa para nuestros costos de cierre, nos consiguió un crédito para poner un bonito piso de madera en vez de carpeta barata en la sala, y aseguró que toda la mecánica de la casa trabajara. Realmente nosotros si lo recomendamos por que también nos ayudó ahorrar dinero y hacer el reclamo para devolución.  Otra razón muy importante, habla las dos idiomas Español e Ingles y nos consiguió descuentos para los arreglos de la casa
Muchas Gracias. Juanita Gonzalez y Leonardo Perez

Raúl was extremely prompt and respectful from the moment we met him.  He helped us find exactly the house we were looking for, and he was so patient with all the questions we had as first time home buyers.  We never could have made it through this lengthy process without him.  I would recommend Raúl to anyone trying to buy a house in Topeka, Kansas.    Sincerely, Shunta and Dana Jones

Hello Mr. Guevara!  I am writing to let you and your staff know what an asset they (Land Kansas Real Estate) have in you.  You are all about your customer & his or her needs.  You helped me find the perfect house for my family & I, working around my schedule.  You even took the time to explain every detail or answer any questions I may have had.  This is why I will refer my family & friends to you.  Thank you!  Sincerely, Esperanza Roberts

I would recommend Raul to anyone. He was so easy to work with. He was able to work around my crazy work schedule, even if it was after business hours or on weekends. I was in the market for my first home and he helped me with every step of the way. I am a young, single female who didn't want to make this large purchase without my dad's assistance, but he wasn't always available to help me make decisions and to look at homes. Raul kind of took his place when my dad wasn't available for house hunting or decision making. He would always point out some of the things that might not be too safe for me and he helped me make the right decision for my first home.  Thanks Raul, for making my home buying experience a good one!  Brandi Price

Raúl Rubio Guevara helped us purchase an investment property for our daughter to live in for considerably less than the asking price.  We are extremely satisfied.  The renters will essentially pay off the mortgage on this duplex.  Guevara was not only responsive to our real estate needs, he simplified the home buying process by interpreting & making it less complicated than it is by explaining our mortgage, title, & insurance options clearly.   We got to know, like, respect & trust Guevara.  We now consider him a friend & expect him to be our real estate consultant in the future.  We recommend him to our family & friends without reservation.   Sinceramente, Leopoldo y Maria Gonzalez  

Raul Rubio Guevara es un profesional en el aspecto en conseguir nuestra casa que era nuestro sueno americano! Lo conseguimos en menos tiempo de lo que esperabamos. Le explicamos nuestra situacion y con sus consejos conseguimos un prestamo y una tasa de interes bajo y rapido. Con el tiene mucho que lograr. Estamos muy agradecidos y contentos con el.mi familia y yo. Viviamos en un pequeno apartamento donde pagabamos $480 y nos consiguio nuestra casa mas grande por $ 452 que incluye el principal,interes.impuestos.y aseguranza en un solo pago.y ahora tenemos mas espacio en tres recamaras.sotano.dos banos.alberca.sala.comedor. cocina.y un buen barrio.Se lo recomendamos con todo el corazon a toda persona que tiene duficultades con el ingles. gracias al Senor Guevara. Eulalio Ramon

Sr. Raul Guevara: Me es muy grato por este medio agradecer el tiempo y el empeño que usted mostro en mi caso.  El afan que siempre demostro para poder vender la casa a pesar de las dificultades que se presentaron, totalmente ajenas a usted y de las cuales usted jamas demostro impaciencia o disgusto si no todo lo contrario me alentaba y me decia que todo tenía que salir bien.  Y afortunadamente y para bien mio asi fue. 
Por tal motivo en un futuro no muy lejano no dudaria en acuadir a usted para obtener la casa de mis sueños. 
Me despido de usted y disculpandome por no poder expresar totalmente mi agradecimiento por el apoyo recibido ya que me faltan las palabras.  Atentamente,
Guadalupe Pedroza

Mi estimado amigo, Raul Rubio Guevara.  Estos cuantos renglones es para agradecerte lo mucho que has hecho por nosotros, por tu paciencia, por tu comprencion y principalmente por tu ayuda.  Has hecho realidad nuestro sueño de tener nuestra propia casa – algo que toda la vida habiamos buscado y que toda la vida te estaremos agradecidos.  
Asi como nos ha ayudado, siguelo haciendo con mucha gente mas realizar su sueño de tener su propia casa.  
Gracias por todo y que dios te vendiga.  Son los mejores deseos de
Mario y Lilia Vigil.  Gracias.

I am very satisfied with Raul helping us obtain the house we wanted.  As 1st time homebuyers, we learned a lot as Raul guided us through the complex home buying process.  We got everything we asked for at a price we could afford, including the seller contributing towards our prepaid & closing costs.  Raul advised us to get a whole house inspection that resulted in the seller having to make concessions to repair & reinforce the basement.  I will use Raul in the purchase of our next home.  After writing an offer on our home, I referred Raul to a coworker that had recently moved form Las Vegas & she purchased her home & moved in before we did.  Thanks for all your help!  Leigh Anne Williamson & John Ahrens 

I want to thank Raul for his patience and tenacity in culminating the sale of my home.  For something that should have been simple, it turned out to test one's patience.  With the economy of the houseing market, legal problems, meeting of the minds and last of all a snow storm, Raul got it done!  Thank you Raul.  Enjoy your Christmas.  Patricia Starkebaum

Raúl is a trustworthy realtor that gets the job done! My mother moved from Reno, Nevada to Topeka, Kansas. Within a month Raúl found and closed on a home that she could afford in a neighborhood where she felt safe. Raúl personally drove her to preview homes, the bank, title company, and catered to an elderly woman's wishes. I would not hesitate to recommend Raúl to find you a comfortable home.  Sincerely, John C. Maler

Friends, (No preaching below here, just plain facts!)
_ After a long 8 months of jobs searched. I was jobless, struggle, despair & misfortune , Our Blessed Mother & Saint Jude sent me to a "better" job position than I had wished and prayed for.
_ I prayed for a job, just any job to feed the family. I did not even dare to dream for an Application Developer II/ Data Base Administrator and SQL programing position. (I, still, am wondering why this was happening. Believe me, it was not due to any of my "showoff-talents" in the Data Base designing experience during the interview)
_ After a short period of prayers to Saint Joseph (My mom prayed to this powerful Saint all the time) _ We found a home that was affordable for our budget & big enough to hold our ten kids (in case some the older kid wants to move back in! :) )
_ The hardest thing was, I worked hard with a few banks for weeks, some finally finance us with a 10% interest rated. Yes, a ten percent interest rate.....
_ I was very frustrated and having a "give-up" attitude. Out of no-where, Raul (my realtor, buyer agent, that I already forgot about) called & check up on me. This good man had never given up helping me. I told him how I got the interest rate so high that I'll never afford to have a home for my ten kids. He told me that I'd be in contact by a loan officer in about half an hour. I was skeptical about what Raul said. After months of credit counselor, repair and home search, I was not be able to move an inch on my process. How would he be able to help me?. but sure enough, a loan officer called. He took down all the information necessary for the loan application. He then told me to contact him back on the next day. I went to sleep over the night without even bothering to think about it. On the next day, I went to work as usual & almost forgot about calling him. At about lunch time, I decided to make the call. Out of my astounding disbelief, he offered me a home finance with a great interest rate for a 30 Years Fixed, with no pre-payment penalty _ The whole process took less than a few hours _ (How did it happen _ I Don't really know _ I have a low & humble credit score _ & I am not even near two months in my new job.)
- Here is a thing that kicked into my head today when we were in Topeka Kansas. The realtor had an ad on Topeka Capital Journal two months ago: "Bring your own hammer".
_  At much later time, I prayed to Saint Joseph for a home for the kids.
_ Things like that didn't occurred into my thinking until just today that Saint Joseph with a hammer in his hand & stood next to the Lord Jesus.
_ Heaven helped us all, God sent us the man name Raul!
_  Now I will only state facts: (I don't like opinions, because sometime opinions make people misunderstand other people.)
Raul was always there whenever I called him with a question or two.
_  Raul took my dad and my children for a second home tour (in which he was not obligated to do so, he was very kind to my dad & our kids)
_  He got us a home $2,000 lower than the county appraisal value.
_  The seller paid in full for:
1_  Closing cost
2_  Home warranty insurance
3_  Full house inspection
4_  Termite inspection
5_  Sewer inspection.

_  We were be able to move in within ten days from the day the seller accepted the offer.
_  By the way _ Raul asked the seller to leave a 12 horse power Craftman riding lawn mower a part of the deal, the seller accepted it!
_ 'Nuff said'_Thank you, Raul, Alexis and Frankie H.

Experience, professionalism and great service. But there is more to that, Mr. Raul Rubio Guevara is such a wonderful & friendly person. We are 1st time home buyers, wanted to provide the best for our family, yet stay within our capabilities and although buying a home can be tricky, we got our dream home in no time & became aware of many things thanks to his knowledge & patience. Mr. Guevara was always very helpful & time of the day did not matter, he was always willing to help & providing details. He changed a scary & new experience be certainly a great experience. We definitely would recommend him & thank him for the patience & help. We feel blessed to have met him & his family. Espinozas sa as 

Raul is the best agent in Kansas, i don't doubt it he helped me so much on everything i'm fist time buyer & he worked with me like if we were family, he fights for what you deserved. He was very clear with me on this process, i learned a lot of things about this, he opened my eyes to see what was more convenient for me to do, and choose. Thank you so much Mr. Guevara no doubt you are the best & a very very good man.           FfadfaFDAD  KLKLK  idas'i Ramirize